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Powerful vitamin blend for your skin, hair and nails

Lilja Kjalarsdóttir, CEO of Saga Natura.

Lilja Kjalarsdóttir is the CEO of SagaNatura, a company that produces AstaSkin and various other products. „SagaNatura was created in 2014 and we farm seaweed here in Hafnarfjörður.“

A mix of only the very best

Lilja says the idea of AstaSkin started after she had been reading research about the efficacy of Astaxanthin. „I worked with Páll Arnar, the product development manager, on the design of AstaSkin. There was a lot of information coming out about the positive effects Astaxanthin has on our skin, especially for protection against harmful rays from the sun, so we thought it very exciting to produce a “beauty from within” product. A product that you consume but also has an effect on the skin,” explains Lilja.

„We started out thinking about how this product should look and we wanted to use all the seaweed we have and not just Astaxanthin, because there are all sorts of other nutrients in seaweed that have anti-inflammatory properties and positive effects on our health.”

Lilja and Páll then started to find the right raw materials to make the compound even more powerful. “In addition, we decided to find other ingredients that have different effects rather than Astaxanthin and wanted to make a compound that has a broad-spectrum effect on the skin. The result was AstaSkin, which protects the skin from the sun, combats dryness and battles acne, it also contributes to younger looking skin and stronger nails and healthier hair.”

Strengthens skin, nails and hair

Lilja says the response has been fantastic and customers have noticed positive changes in their skin, hair and nails. “We have been getting a lot of amazing responses to this product and it’s our highest selling Astaxanthin product. We have been getting very positive reactions from people who have said they’ve never had such strong nails before, the compound makes them both stronger and healthier. Women have also mentioned they’ve seen a lot of positive changes in their hair, especially those who have thinning hair.”

The effects on the skin are various. “Many have said that their acne has cleared up and also their dry skin has improved. People that have dry elbows have said that they no longer have them and don’t have red or purple elbows due to dryness. There are many who have dealt with chronic dryness for years which has cleared up after taking AstaSkin.”

Astaxanthin has gained a lot of attention, which is an extremely powerful antioxidant which protects the skin against the sun, “ We are farming microalgae and what’s special about it is when they are exposed to light, they begin to produce Astaxanthin, in nature this is usually from sunlight and this is how the microalgae protect themselves from the sun. Then when we take Astaxanthin we are protecting our skin from the sun. So we are kind of using the algae’s defense response.”

There is no need to change the skin cream you use or other routines you may have while taking AstaSkin. “You can use it with any skin routine you have. The only animal product in the mixture is collagen made from fish erythema but the capsule itself is vegan.”

Icelandic and eco-friendly production

AstaSkin isn’t just good for your hair, skin and nails. “This is all produced here in Iceland and the largest percentage of the raw materials are also produced here at our company, so the whole value chain is here with us which means that people are supporting the Icelandic economy by buying the product. Our production is eco-friendly and is run on green energy, unlike what they might be doing abroad.”

Customers can get a subscription of AstaSkin which is very convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendly. “We offer a subscription, which means people will never have to miss a day of taking AstaSkin. In the subscription package you receive it by post so you never have to think about it and never miss a day. First people get the tin sent home, then you get a refill bag that fits in your postbox, you don’t have to go to the posthouse or anything like that, you just refill the tin and you don’t have to throw it away.”

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